THANK YOU Voters of Bowie and Cass counties, Texas!!!  Your vote to re-elect me as Judge of the historic 5th Judicial District of Texas for another 4 years is truly humbling!  More incredibly, your overwhelming vote for re-election, by a margin of 73.4%, was the 3rd largest Republican victory in Texas.  So, thank for your continuing support over the years.  In particular, thank you to each of the jurors who have served on 5th District juries  hearing cases and making the hard decisions.  Your continued support is truly appreciated!

       As was said in the Bench Bar Book of Texas in 1885:

 “A Texas judge should be not only a clear-headed lawyer and a man of sound judgment, but he should have the courage to form and deliver his opinions regardless of danger or threats, and sometimes to pronounce judgment with a brace (a pair) of pistols lying conspicuously upon his desk.”

I look forward to continuing to administering Justice, with firm compassion when necessary, and, above all else, fairness as to the issues and people impacted by the decisions of the Court.


(Pol. Adv. paid for by Bill Miller, James Bramlett Treasurer, P.O.Box 188, New Boston, Texas 75570, in compliance with the voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.)